• Duke Paratell

    Duke Paratell

    Duke Paratell is the overseer of Redbarrow. He is an older man with a kindly face. Not much is known about him as of yet, except that he was able to make his palm glow with light.
  • Eldrid


    Eldrid is a middling half-elf who owns a oddity shop in Errisport. He is also an agent of the Defenders of the Realm.
  • Gilmer


    Captain of the guard at Redbarrow. He is an older man and has lived in the area his entire life.
  • Prospero


    Prospero is the self-proclaimed greatest wizard on the continent, or at least he was until four adventurers killed him. Now he resides in a scrap of a painting rolled up in a halfling's backpack. He is self-important, arrogant, ambitious, and above all
  • Simon Dewager

    Simon Dewager

    Simon Dewager was the elderly thatcher in Paul's village, Bellshire, before it was attacked.
  • Torag Ironjaw

    Torag Ironjaw

    Torag Ironjaw is head of the the Defenders of the Realm in Greygate. His disguise is that of a blacksmith and armorer. He is average height with coarse black hair and dark eyes.